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LSScreenshotLimit 0.0.4-103/17/2019 12:04 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Limit the amount of screenshots on your lockscreen.
Force3DAppShortcuts 0.0.4-103/17/2019 12:04 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Enable 3D touch shortcuts on homescreen for older devices.
BatteryBar 0.0.3-403/17/2019 12:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Display a bar that represents the battery percentage in the status bar.
AppSwitchCurrent (9 & 10) 0.0.2-103/17/2019 12:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Center current application in deck switcher
SwitcherControls 1.0-803/11/2019 06:05 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
MultiCenter for iOS 10.
ScreenshotXI 1.0-903/11/2019 06:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
iOS 11 screenshot feature on older iOS versions
No3DTouchWidgets 0.0.101/03/2018 10:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Remove the widgets from 3D touch shortcuts on homescreen.
NCAlwaysChevron 0.0.101/03/2018 10:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Always display the chevron view in the notification center instead of switching to page control.
EnhancedSwitcherClose 0.0.7-411/21/2017 09:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
more swipe features for app switcher
HomeCardIconLabel 0.0.106/20/2017 10:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Enable icon and label for home card
AlertClose 1.6.803/25/2017 05:33 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
option menu for swiping in app switcher
UndoRotation 0.0.910/11/2016 12:04 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
button to Undo last device rotation
WhitelistSwitcherClose 1.111/13/2015 09:33 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
customizble white/blacklist for app switcher
ReachOffset 1.410/16/2015 02:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Set a custom reachability offset.
NoUpsideDown 0.0.210/16/2015 02:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Disable orientations throughout iOS.
DelayVolChange 0.0.210/16/2015 02:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
change volume only when HUD showing
AppSwitchCurrent 1.2-507/06/2015 06:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
switcher opens to currnet app
Captain America Theme 1.005/23/2012 01:04 PMZodTTD / Themes (SpringBoard)
Captain America Winterboard theme. All about the Marvel comics super hero Captain America.
Money Theme 1.003/22/2012 12:04 AMZodTTD / Themes (SpringBoard)
Money Winterboard theme that is all about money and coins.
WWE Theme 1.003/19/2012 03:04 PMZodTTD / Themes (SpringBoard)
WWE Winterboard theme based on the World Wrestling Entertainment shows.
Manchester United 1.001/30/2011 12:33 PMZodTTD / Themes (SpringBoard)
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