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CCVPN 1.0.412/07/2019 10:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
A Control Center Module to connect/disconnect VPN
LowPowerDND 1.1.312/04/2019 07:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Enable Low Power Mode, when enabling DND
PauseOnMute 1.2.105/22/2019 05:04 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Automatically pauses/resume music when you turn down the volume to 0
DynamicTimer 1.2.205/20/2019 01:04 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
change between "Stop Playing" and ringtone
Notif 1.1.105/10/2019 10:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Always show notification history on lock screen
BoostedWifi 1.0.105/07/2019 10:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
shows all networks and signal level(RSSI)
CCVibration 1.0.105/06/2019 05:33 PMBigBoss / Addons (ControlCenter)
A Control Center Module to enable/disable vibration
NoGoogleAMP 1.104/24/2017 05:03 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
calls "Request Desktop Site" in Safari
PlaylistAlarm 1.110/17/2016 10:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
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