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Inky 1.005/17/2020 10:03 AMChariz / System
Inky is a colour picker library that can be used to provide colour options in tweak preference bundles.
Circuliser 1.0.105/15/2020 01:03 PMChariz / Tweaks
Circular music visualiser.
StickAround 1.0.007/31/2019 10:05 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Pin cells in the Settings app.
SizeFinder 2.0.107/19/2019 02:33 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Show app size instead of delete button
KeyboardCall 1.007/31/2018 10:34 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
musical phone dialer
StripNumberPad 2.007/26/2018 06:34 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
wallpaper blur through phone dial pad
Quotifications 0.0.107/16/2018 10:34 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Change the ’No Recent Notifications’ text to a random quote!
HaptiClock 0.0.106/16/2018 09:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
feedback plays for each digit of the time
NotificationXI 1.012/23/2017 09:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
iOS 11 notification banner look on iOS 10
iPadFeatures 2.0.511/30/2017 08:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Enables rotation in all apps, and allows home screen rotation.
FakeHaptivator 1.011/21/2017 09:04 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Activator event to add haptic feedback
Promien 1.011/01/2017 08:34 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
blurred album art on control center background
HapticTwitter 1.011/01/2017 08:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Haptic feedback while using the Twitter app.
ApolloJustCompatible 1.010/26/2017 07:33 PMBigBoss / Tweaks
Hides 10.3+ features of Apollo Reddit client
NoHistory for Spotify 1.310/24/2017 09:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Removes the search history from the Spotify app.
AdaptiveLabels 1.210/23/2017 09:33 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
Changes text colour based on app's colour
ScrollyFolders 1.0-109/18/2017 08:03 AMBigBoss / Tweaks
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